Brain Training For the Elderly Not Easily Senile

Data from the World Health Organization shows that around 50 million people in the world experience senility, or medically referred to as dementia. This condition is often experienced by the elderly. Senile is itself an incurable brain condition but can be slowed down and prevented by brain training.

Do this brain exercise

No need to wait for old age, you can start training the brain from now on. Sharpening the brain does not require complex equipment or equipment. With a simple brain exercise, you will be free from senility.

Here are some brain exercises that can be done:

Memorize song lyrics
Do you like music? Yes, listening to music and singing the lyrics can be very effective ways to train your memory. Choose the song you like but don’t memorize the lyrics. Then listen and chant repeatedly.

After that, try to write the lyrics on a piece of paper. By doing this, you have stimulated the brain responsible for memory, motor skills and art.

Draw a map
By drawing a simple map of your home environment or drawing the road that you travel from home to a shopping center, it is very effective to train your brain. By applying it, you have trained your memory and visuospatial abilities.

Memorize your shopping list
When going to do weekly or monthly shopping, many people who have the habit of writing any items that will be spent or recorded on the device. Are you the one doing it?

If so, start challenging your brain further by memorizing the shopping list after jotting it down. Create ingenious techniques to memorize them effectively.

Learn a new language
Several studies have shown that learning a new language and using it for daily conversation can slow the onset of dementia and slow the aging process in the brain.

In addition, learning a new language will certainly help broaden relationships or make it easier for you to communicate when traveling abroad.

Modify your habits
What habits do you do everyday? Try modifying the habit. For example, you make coffee every morning and stir the coffee using your right hand. Modify the habit by still making coffee but stirring it with the left hand.

Learn to play music
Learning to play music does have many benefits. Who would have thought one of the benefits is that it can help prevent memory and senile disorders.

Studies show that people who have the habit of playing music have a lower risk for experiencing dementia and memory disorders. So what are you waiting for? Immediately select the musical instrument that you want to learn!

Play board games
Board games are always fun to play, especially if played together with friends and friends.

Who doesn’t know chess, puzzles, Sudoku, or crosswords? The game is good for sharpening memory, concentration, logic, and hand and eye coordination.

In addition to doing the above brain exercise, don’t forget to maintain a healthy lifestyle by eating a balanced nutritional diet and exercising. Avoid cigarette smoke and make sure you sleep in sufficient quantities. All of these efforts will help the elderly stay healthy and the brain will be honed until senile free.